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The latest in addictive beauty trends. Beautiful and Damage Free, we pride ourselves on a 1 lash-to-one lash, single strand technique. No clusters, no pulling or itching, no damage to your natural lashes. All eyelash extensionists at Lorenco’s are trained with Vogue Lash and have received the highest of certification.


Touch ups on other Salon’s Work

We believe in damage free lashing and therefore do not do cluster lashes. If we feel your lashes were done in a damaging way we may suggest removal and a new set scheduled at a later date at a discounted price. Your lash health is most important to us. If your lashes were done with a single strand, 1lash-to-onelash technique we will be able to do a regular touch up and would love to work with you. Price determined after consult.

Lash Rehab

Having a bad lash experience and need a redo? We can help. There is a lot of damaging lashing going around and we would hate to let it ruin your lashing experience for good. Let us remove those uncomfortable lashes, fix you up and give you a brand new set from us done in a damage free, completely comfortable to wear -way. This appointment may need to be broke up into two appointments depending on the level of rehab.

Eyelash Extensions
Basic New Set
Beautiful lashes all the way across. Not very thick. 45 lashes per eye
1:30 Min $150
Standard Glamour New Set
Beautiful lashes all the way across thickening the lash line. 55-75 lashes per eye
1:45 Min $200
Super Thick New Set
Beautiful lashes all the way across drastically thickening the lashes. We apply an extension to every natural lash. 80+ lashes per eye
2 Hours $235
Mini Fill
Any time touch up. As many as we can do in a 30 min appointment (includes prep and checkout time)
30 Min $25
1 Week Fill 1 Hour $35
2 Week Fill 1 Hour $50
3 Week Fill 1 Hour $70
Regular 1/2 New Set
If you have lost 50% and need extra care, we can help!
1:30 Min $85
Touchup on Other Salon’s Work 1:15 Min $75+
Lash Rehab 3+ Hours $250+
Consult no charge